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Before using the website,please read and agree to the following items.

As all the information on this website, Proassist,ltd( hereinafter Proassist)or its consignee have the copyright and usage right.
Therefore, as long as there is no consent of Proassist, it is forbidden to use these information (including duplicate, alterations, distribution, etc. ) exceeding the range accepted by laws, such as private use.
※It cannot be used without the permission of other companies rather than our company, such as a trademark of the other company and software, any copyright like that.

Although Proassist has paid careful attention to the information put up for this website, it does not take responsibility about the following points.

(1) All the put-up information is right and useful and safety.
(2) The put-up information is always the newest thing.
(3) All damage that took place by use of this website.
In addition, the server stop, change of information and discontinuation of offer may be subject to change witout notice.

It is forbidden to perform the following acts by using this website.

(1) The criminal act which is against national laws without considering demostic law.
(2) The act against public order.
(3) The act which injures or defame other company’s right.
(4) The act or its preparation aiming at profit.
(5) The act which damages credit of Proassist or has a possibility of bringing bad influence to Proassist.
(6) The act using or offering harmful programs, such as computer virus etc.
(7) The act accessing in order to destroy this website.
(8) The other acts which is judged to improper by Proassist.

Please look at here about handling of personal information.

Our company may change a use rule without a preliminary announcement.