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As designated as the company to promote corporate culture innovation, we are positively supporting for balancing work and life for our employees.

According to “The next generation nurturing support measures promotion law”, we formulated the “the general business owner action plan” to build a workplace which can balance the work and family.

In this way, in our company, we develop a system that allows all employees, regardless of gender fully to demonstrate their ability in the business, balancing their work and family life. We are also taking every possible actions for the reform of consciousness and making workplace culture to support the child care participation and will continue to contribute to the society as a company.

Proassist, Ltd.
President & CEO Kyoco Ikoma

Proassist, Ltd. The general business owner action plan

Basic Policy

We have made the action plan as follow to allow our employees to balance work and family life, by achieving an environment that is easy to work.

1.The term of plan

2 years (from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014)


Target1 Implementation of the nursing vacation on hourly basis

・ Investigation of a nursing vacation acquisition record, and study of the management method of letting employees obtain the nursing vacation.
・ Implementation of the nursing vacation on hourly basis.

Target2 Implement measures to reduce overtime working hours

・ Each department scrutinize the job contents review the way of doing work to reduce overtime working hours.
・ Setting no overtime working day and its thorough promotion.

Target3 Setting visiting days of children to workshops

・ Hold a study meeting about the children’s visiting day.
・ Share the significance of having the children’s visiting day among employees.
・ The implementation of children’s visiting day.
・ Review meeting and discussion about the implementation of children’s visiting day for next year.