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We provide effective business systems which cover work not covered by core system.
It does no effect on the original system.
We can use it efficiently, because the add-on data are managed by database.

Features and function

☆Can be easily brought in, meanwhile flexible. System available for add-on without changing existing core systems, so it can be brought in easily in a short time.

☆You can flexibly add and remodel the individual specifications which is difficult to be solved by ERP packages and core system, and systems.

Operating environment

Server: Windows Server 2008/IIS
Database: SQL-Server 2005/2008
Client: WindowsXP/Windows7

※If it is a data center system, access is possible either from China or from Japan
(Of course, it is available at multiple locations in Japan)

Applicable industry and business

  • Parts manufacturing
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Chemical products manufacturing
  • Steel works
  • Assembly of parts
  • Mechanical processing industry
  • Forging industry
  • Plastic molding industry
  • Industrial fasteners manufacturing