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Revised: Aug 1, 2012
Enactment: March 31, 2005
Proassist, Ltd.
President & CEO Ikoma Kyoco
1.Basic policy
Personal information are important properties of individuals. Based on the management principles that we advocate the respect for individuals, all the staff of Proassist comply with the personal information protection management system and treat personal information accurately and safely so that we may protect customer’s information and meet their trust.
2.Establishment of management system for personal information and its proper operation.
(1)We set the standards for the acquisition and use of personal information and operate in accordance with them.
(2)We will Continuously improve the personal information protection management system.
3.Organizational activities
(1)To embody the Basic Policy, the following activities will be implemented. Officers and all employees comply with the laws and regulations related to personal information and other standards.
(2)We appoint an information protection manager, giving an authority and responsibility of personal information protection management system to conduct business.
(3)We appoint an Audit Officer to conduct system audit.
(4)Based on a system audit, we will improve the internal regulations and operation.
(5)We will request companies or individuals with whom we have business cooperation to achieve the purpose of the regulation.
4.Handling of personal information
(1)Acquisition・use・grant of the personal information. When we get the personal information, we will describe the purpose clearly and limit the scope of use of personal information and handle it appropriately. Furthermore, we will not use it out of the scope.
(2)Respect for the rights We respect the rights of individuals about personal information, when requested to disclose, modify or delete such information, we will cope with the request in reasonable period of time and scope.
(3)Implementation of safety measures. By formulating internal regulations and safety measures, we will prevent the personal information acquired from leaking outside the company or being unduly tampered with.
5.We set complaints and inquiries desk to cope with.
6.Inquiries regarding this policy:
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Proassist, ltd.   General Affair Department, Personal Information Protection Office
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